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Elektrauma (German) review of Never Get To You

February 25, 2009

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Still it penetrated not completely to us, but at the other one, are to the globe meanwhile many interesting of volume, which approached electronic music to the topic in completely own way. Empty points to again interesting and innovative way, to which music from machines is able: It does not have to be always the hard, stupide sound of march, the eternally hammering Vierviertelbeats and the paralyzing sounds. Sometimes are enough also simply only unknown, verschrobene, entrackte melodies, which can be accompanied unobstrusive from a flirrenden rhythm. In this way then such pieces develop like ''Never GET ton of You'', which flatter themselves on the one hand with their melodies to the listener, it in the unclear one however nevertheless leave whether from alleged security not equal a monster out-breaks, which threatens to devour one. The single is thereby no pure arrangement badly made Remixe, but conscious selecting of the musician colleagues. Fishing rod Theory lends a larger grip traction in its version the piece, while Dismantled in their Remix particularly worked the threatening out. With that altogether five versions of the Titelsongs associate with the very much vertrackten ''Forgotten Dreams'' and the not less complex ''King OF Kings'' of two further pieces with which show that itself Empty do not unite simply to make music for the masses. Here areas are opened, which the listener can enter, for a long time after the pieces verklungen are. It resounds everything after.

Rating: 5.5/6 (92%)

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The new album "Surfacing" is now available

Empty - Surfacing

A breath of badly needed fresh air.

- Rick Gallo (Arable Farmland - Chicago, USA)

Complex and melodic, with an underlying current of desperation.

- Charles Fenech (ANGELTHEORY - Melbourne, Australia)

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