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Elektrauma (German) review of Aeon Xpand

April 1, 2008

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It's a shame that this EP is limited only to 300 copies, because which is to be heard on the "Aeon Xpand", should actually be presented to a larger listener circle. However only times the volume should be lit up more exactly, because many readers this volume will not surely be in the beginning a term. Empty originate from Australia, more exactly said come the project from Sydney.

Since 2005 has Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet to the computers sat down and tries to create an own sound. One could hear first results with the first EP "Open Aeon". The resonance must have been so large meanwhile that with "Aeon Xpand" as it were already the consulting follows. Some song from the EP, as well as other pieces, were again merged of different volume. Although this Remix EPs did not always succeed, here they have.

Already for a long time the Australian Dark Electro and EBM scene proves that they can quite offer quite new momentum many good ideas and lend to the electronic music. Also with Empty this is the case. That has in addition also the reason that the first EP was already merged of no less than Charles Fenech, who goes by the alias of Angel Theory.

In regards of the Remix EP, in addition, then those of song oscillate between driving EBM sound, permit somewhat calmer, dark moments. Comparisons with Skinny Puppy to pull, would be quite logical. Actually it harms that the Australian market receives so little attention That should change in the near future, because it does not make fun over zig corners for example the music these volume to get. Now one may wait very strained for the Debut album!


Rating: 5.5/6 (92%)

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The new album "Surfacing" is now available

Empty - Surfacing

A breath of badly needed fresh air.

- Rick Gallo (Arable Farmland - Chicago, USA)

Complex and melodic, with an underlying current of desperation.

- Charles Fenech (ANGELTHEORY - Melbourne, Australia)

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