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Aliens review of Aeon Xpand

March 3, 2008

This australian project has shined with its first release and has received excellent responses worldwide, so next steps was for me also awaited and since the second release is remixed, I was a little afraid how will projects take this production under control on this release.

8 songs is for ep nice number and projects that has contributed on remixes was for the band very nice choice, since tracks has got various creations from the last album. As a whole this release leaves very creative and bright impression.

Ep opens new exclusive track CASTRATED, that could be described,as a club hit, with morphed refrain that will keep in your brain core a long time after listening. This song is here also in danceable version and those are only two pieces that has danceable form of EMPTY.

Other tracks has taken transformations from project that has middle tempo and combines sounds of EMPTY with their view of electro music. Here you can find great works from: dISHARMONY, ZINTEK, JVL7 PROCESS VOID, PASK, SEARAD...

Complex sound compositions, melodic lines, atmospheric sounds, cybernetic vocals. This all and many more on new EMPTY. Great step further.. Interesting dark electro album.

Rating: 4/5 (80%)

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The new album "Surfacing" is now available

Empty - Surfacing

A breath of badly needed fresh air.

- Rick Gallo (Arable Farmland - Chicago, USA)

Complex and melodic, with an underlying current of desperation.

- Charles Fenech (ANGELTHEORY - Melbourne, Australia)

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