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Industrial.onego.ru (Russian) review of Open Aeon

July 29, 2006

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Germany - not only limited by frontier-guards piece of the territory, where are forged the new personnel dark electro culture.

For me yet it did not be necessary to hear about any significant project from the island Greenland, but here no-no from Australia, yes arrives something acceptable, about which it is not shameful to tell to humanity.

As the last successful entering from there it is possible to consider Angel Theory, and here is the new portion of the worthy of the reference of the rhythms, produced to the light by duet Empty. "empty shell" was created by the namesake of most famous literary Garry and by the namesake of the color of hair (Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet) in 2003, and since then pair persistently and industrious wrote dark electro music.

Time was spent not in vain - in 2005 the friend- musicians let out into their on-line first four-track demo, noted by the higher authorities and which led to the output during May 2006- GO of debyutnogo "Open Aeon".

With this name yes double-disk reliz for 140 minutes, but Aaron and Daniel they limited only to eight tracks (including two remiksa), which are lasted as a whole of thirty six minutes. With their hearing rushes into the sensory organs the proximity to the the early Dismantled - complexity and the softness of programminga, the unhurried development of sintezatornykh parties, and only the absence of rich bass issues difference.

As far as vokala is concerned, practically everywhere it is distorted to the state of "singing into the long and narrow pipe", and only in track Blue we can hear its more animated version.

By the way, Blue, undoubtedly, the best thing on the entire plate, not for free already famous Angel Theory selected precisely her for its "ascendings".

In the pair of tracks it is possible to observe with own eyes (to voushiyu?) the harsh guitar, vmontirovannuyu into Sound, but it is difficult to say - it does spoil it or it decorates.

Most likely, it on the spot, but here to formulate what does not be sufficient, it is much more complex. To duet, perhaps, it is necessary to work above the fact in order to remove the sensation of despondency and vymuchennosti characteristic for its production.

On the whole, to listeners Dismantled in its initial hypostasis this plate completely can be pleased, and track Blue completely pretends to that in order to become your favorite to that certain limited by pointers and numbers time.

"empty shell" - not empty shell!

Rating: N/A

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Empty - Surfacing

A breath of badly needed fresh air.

- Rick Gallo (Arable Farmland - Chicago, USA)

Complex and melodic, with an underlying current of desperation.

- Charles Fenech (ANGELTHEORY - Melbourne, Australia)

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