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never get to you

the past is cold
it's as black as heart
buried deep inside your soul
find a way to break the mould

there's nothing new
left for me
she's crawling away
one choice left; decay

head first through everything in sight
i'm leaving all i have behind
distant voices pierce through my skin
i'm running away yet standing still

photographic memories of an erased past surface again
scanning through everything i can but i'll never understand

disarray with nowhere left to run
a cycle of failures creep up on me
its poisons are pumping through the wires inside

the centre

everything comes undone at some point
everyone is sitting here waiting
strip myself of all my armour
the conscious feeling of my own defeat
as you watch my meltdown

no time to think about it
just go ahead and lose control
of yourself and everything around you

push your body right to the edge now
force yourself right through the cracks
and breach the mind behind your existence

blown out
fall out
losing grace and attention

anything i do will be a failure
any promise i make is just a lie
strap myself inside emotion
this corroded faith depletes before my eyes
now this is my breakdown

that's how i feel
don't take it away
i never thought i'd get this far


looking to the waters at my feet
the depths below ripple in waves
sailing through the time and over me
this wind will blow so far away
folded up inside i clutch my knees
drifting away and out to sea
swallow to my heart i'm bleeding dry
time to collapse as time collides

i've been left far behind
i can't break through the surface
nobody can hear me
nobody can hear me through this

looking to my hands washed clean of shame
tides from below washes away
crushed inside all senses become numb
my head it throbs as thoughts decay
floating upside down over the trees
i'm letting go now my mind's at ease
thoughts of memories of things i've seen
the peace sets in and it's all a dream

ripping out i ripple down torn to the surface
venting out i'm melting down steaming at the face of it
escaping out i'm drowning now in this fluid silence
breathing nothing leaving all behind nothing left but this empty flesh of mine


every moment overtakes
blocks to hide me from your face
regret to feel but hate to waste
feelings of hate that overtake
without fail you put me in my place
nowhere to hide or even fake
this failing of faith it will not shake
i'm a waste of space and a wasted case

i'm a wasted case

inside I feel safe
i feel safe inside
but inside it burns
it's burning me alive

i tell the world i've changed but i feel the same
i stand tall i say i'm okay just to play their game
nothing has changed i'm what i've always been
i can't let it show anyway it's all locked in again

you look back
back at me
you'll see nothing change
has changed for me
the anger is fuel
fuel for me
without it i break
break apart


black inside this burned out frame
a way to extinguish flames
below the surface lies
the sick truth you try to hide

no chances to take
can't stop i won't break
ignite my faith with burning hate

i have your attention
i break you down right to your knees
crawl upon all fours
waiting for the chance to scream

what you want can't break
disgusted by my race
ignite this place burn and break

this tarnished soul
is what you stole
circulate what i breathe in
i am breaking down tonight

this damaged soul
a killer's mould
isolate twisted feelings
i am open to ignite

of what i knew there is nothing left to hold on to
you reached inside of me and i felt like i could die
when you scream right at me i can see the fire lit in your eyes
yet damaged you still forward crawling on your knees


eyes on your feet
you do as you're told
it takes giant steps
to break the mould
and you're crashing down
and it's all around
and you're without motion
don't make a sound
now there's images on screens
and silent screams
what's left is the sound
of broken dreams
your life was lived by those before
in this mask your face has worn raw

you can't be happy or ever break free
in this space you're a null entity
the city falls around without a sound
drag you down to the underground

zoned in space you will not awake
to see shattered screens they only take
and your breath it stops
just don't collapse now
trip and fall into relapse now


there's no excuse for the torment that lays hollowed out
with nothing to show but these crumbled dreams i'm so burnt out

you take away you burn everything close to me
i fall backwards and drag everyone down with me

there's nothing left inside
after the damage you do
is it better to run or collapse and burn?

i'm held captive here with nothing left to exhale
they tell me where and how i should be now i'm so unstable
you slip away your life is fading one step at a time
i'm crawling backwards and taking you all down with me

you left me here
all on my own
you let me fall
now i'm stripped to the bone

forgotten dreams

breathe the black ash as it falls
from the melting sky
countless efforts to resist
this tempting fate

on your knees you crawl up beside me
i hear you say
this excuse will be my last
tonight i will fall apart

a crippled attempt to hold on
nothing seems the same
blinded by this false hope
no one will ever change

you say this excuse will be your last
tonight you will fall apart

you have left me here forever
i'm dreaming of a brighter day
i keep scratching at the surface
i've fallen down i can't regain

this regret

you turn your back against the distant light
fuel for the lost souls and the weak
you can not save yourself from this lie
built from the hopes and dreams of the raped

you think it is all so different
you think the world will stand still all for you
i held this feeling for so long
i couldn't take it back give me one last chance

your eyes see
the same withered face
i feel it all fall apart
your eyes see
the same withered face
cities crumble right below you

your body is resistant to the poison
this cold feeling of the past cuts deep
you think that you're the victim
you think you have regret all for yourself
i know this time it's different
i fold under pressure you burn me down


can't you see it's not safe to breathe
i'm a burning emergency

this darkness i run through to escape from the pain
i'm losing my breath i feel abused again
no light in this night no life left to fight
a knife your life stabbing into you tonight

forced down into wasted space
economy of motion leaves this place
face down into rotting waste
last breath of motion leaves your face

can't stop these feelings of hate
you won't resuscitate i leap now try to fly
feel nothing now that you've gone
deliver me to that feeling i recognise


sometimes he can't see her through all the haze
she wants to be meaningful man she wants to blaze
just sitting in silence he's stuck in a daze
she cuts through herself and everything past is erased

and it feels like i'm slipping down this sliding slope and I just can't
stop or even learn to reach out to help on my own so I turn
but how can i help if i can't even cope to get out of this hole on my own
so how can i help if i can't even cope in my own twisted little world

she shivers cold to escape the hold
the touch of her skin it sears to the fold
i turn and i burn as she fights this
afraid of the fall she's breathless

she says she's a fire that consumes with greed
but she shimmers with wanting lighting up with need
she aches to be alive but she's breathless
she's burning up inside and she's breathless

in one second she burns too easy
no not again as she breathes in deeply
enough as it is she blisters to his touch
breathless and cold well it's just all too much


i feel like i can't breathe
wipe the tears from my eyes so i can see
no way that i can go back
it's the end the end for me

i sit here all the time
thinking in circles until no end
i'm at the crux of my life
nothing seems to awaken me

there's no more time
the sand's run out
it's getting dark now
the fire's gone out
until we meet again
there's no time to waste
i feel inside
that it's far too late

you know it's too late for me

The new album "Surfacing" is now available

Empty - Surfacing

A breath of badly needed fresh air.

- Rick Gallo (Arable Farmland - Chicago, USA)

Complex and melodic, with an underlying current of desperation.

- Charles Fenech (ANGELTHEORY - Melbourne, Australia)

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